“Talley Wacked” was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that name so apparently I’m knot a loan! (alley = 1+12+12+5+25 = 55 = anus) so “Talley” means “t anus” i.e. “cross anus” cuzzin ya Holy See these scumbuggers gotta have an anus to target always. So many “ast names = 55” or the Last Name is an obvious reference to the “asses” of the “Masses” who shit their assets on the “hard wood” pew on Sunday morning then the hard bench watching Football on Sunday afternoon. Capitol Hillary Rod-ham, Old McDonald John T’Rump, Ber(TN)rnie Assnder(Sanders), etc ad nauseam.

Well “KING(41) SOOPER(88)” fits the “KING THEME” going back to the CORONA(CROWN)VIRUS witch had its United States beginnings in the KING COUNTY GOVERNMENT, a County home to KINGS such as El JEFE BE-ze US, William Henry Gates the III (and IV), Howard Schultz, etc ad nauseam. Butt seriously, if you stumbled into a gay bar cros-sex-am-i-nation attorney buy accident, and before you could high tail it out of there you saw Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, would they seem out of place?

So if you google showgirls strip clubs in the Eau Claire Wisconsin area you might find “SHOOTERS” off I-94 exit 52 butt if by accident ya bottoms ended up at “SCOOTERS” at 411 Galloway Street instead, well hell that’s a hole nutha kinda thang going up n down in there!

Now in the ROMAN EMPIRE year 2021 (20+21 = 41 = KING), KING(S) will be a recurring theme. That gets back to the Ancient Kingdom of “Akkad” (AKKADIANS) where the word “SAR” pronounced “SHAR” meant “KING” and the first KING of Akkad was “Sargon” and in the Hebrew Language “Sarah” still means “Princess” , i.e. “daughter of the King” witch brings us to the OFFICIAL name of the “grave threat” Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome CoronaVirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) where “SARS” is simply the plural of “SAR” so “SARS” means “KINGS” and the 2 is surely at least in part(55) a possible reference to 1 KINGS and 2 KINGS in the KJV BIBLE, witch happen to be the 11th and 12th Books of the OT, while the JOB identity (JOE BIDEN) is the 18th Book of the OT. SATAN was given permission by “God” (HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE/CHURCH) to take everything from Job except his life. So SATAN killed all of his children. Right after he WON the 1972 election Joe Biden LOST half his family (wife and daughter) and his eldest son became “Hunter Biden” while his other son would die of a brain tumor before JOE could be PRESIDENT. Hard to say in how many other ways Joe took it in the ass butt through it all he ream-ained obedient to his Masters, just as Job did in the BIBLE narrative.

SATAN = 55 = ANUS and all of these other words that equal 55 also mean ANUS (American Nation of United States). American = 55, Nation = 55, United = 55, etc ad nauseam. Then there are the little codes within words sush as “VILL = 55”, “OUS = 55” “and” “UNT = 55” where yoo(55) live in a hOUSe (HE ANUS) within a VILL-age of peepoles, within a coUNTY, within a coUNTry, that is the AMERICAN(55) NATION(55) of UNITED(55) STATES, where we celebrate INDEPENDENCE with “false light on” JULY 4TH, the day when Earth is farthest from Sun? Yet on January 4th when Earth is closest to Sun, not a word from anyone about the event? “WTF Rite”? That sounds like a great new name for an organ-eyes-a-shun. Butts peKING of Chinese SHIT chin music, ORGAN = 55, PIANO = 55, GITAR = 55, etc.

Butt back into this/shit/hits the fanus story of AN’ACTIVE SHOOTER in BOULDER COLORADO, doo due knot fore get the MURDER-OUS Murals(SHITS) at the DENVER OMELETTE INTER-NATION-AL HAIRPORT. BTW, only the WAL-KING DEAD can fly COMMERCIAL that is why yoo board the plane once yoo are (at the) TERMINAL and technically it is the ALL CAP DEAD NAME GOVERNEMENT IDENTITY that can LEGALLY fly. Butt the knews is that LEGALLY yoo are little sperms exiting a BIG CORPORATE PENIS(airliner) into the ANUS(GATE) as every CITY is a SCHITTY butt what about the BOARDING PASS(55) be-fore YOO(55) de PART(55)? Then yoo ARRIVE? Remove the Redundant R. ARIVE = 1+18+9+22+5 = 55 = ANUS.

Sow the ACTIVE(42) SHOOTER has been arrested (arrest = 63 = penis) buy the POLIC(55)e where he will be the DEFENDANT(55) in an ORANG(55)e jumpsuit. Why 42? Well lyme always hear to hell pew out so 42 = FOURT2 = 6+15+21+9+2+2 = 55 = ANUS (R = 9, T = 2). Yes the CODe smells a bit phishy sum times butt aisle keep whore-KING on it! So as sum one who may halve a JOB, all of the rights yoo thought yoo had will be taken away. Taht is why persons with JOBs now have to “wear a mask” (face diaper) and “WEAR A MASK” = WE ARAMASK and ARAMASK = 1+9+1+13+1+19+11 = 55 = ANUS and also rearranges to form MASKARA (MASCARA) butt I bet everyone is more observant of “eye color” with all the brain dead masses wearing masks!

If I had to guess, I would say the shooting started at either 2:20 or 2:21


BLE MES = SEMELB (L+B = 12+2 = 14 = N) so SEMELB = SEMEN


(doo yoo reamember MUHAMMAD ATTA character from 9/11/2001?)

also, TABLE MESA DRIV = 110 = 11 = ELEVEN = 63 = PENIS

KING SOOPERS OFFICIALS were praying for the “32 members” (grocery workers) at STORE #33. 32nd degree is where the initiate must pull of the biggest CON(32) of his miserable lie of a life to enter into the domain of the 33rd degree priesthood (realm of the Gods) i.e. “climb(ASCEND/ASSEND) the STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN(55).


THEY connected this/shit story to November 2017 Scott Ostrem, who fired 7 shots. (initials SO+7 = 19+15+7 = 41 = KING).

THEY also got to resurrect this/shit story about a mass shooting at a grocery store (Walmart) from Emperor August-us 2019 at EL PASS-OWE TAXES where 22 people were killed.

Jim Morrison and Chevy Chase

March 9th Legion, 2021

By: Wang Dong Asphalt

Well it appears Wang Dong is in the doghouse again over at POM so here is a copy of what was posted there that is now “awaiting moderation” with sum additional cryptography info added.

Jim Morrison (1st stage name) was most likely Cornelius Crane Chase (2nd Chevy Chase) who had musical talent and a band in the 1960’s.

(Cornelius Crane Chase born October 8, 1943 in Manhatten New York.
(James Douglas Morrison born December 8, 1943 at Melbourne Florida)
The/el bourne Identity?

Manhatten = 13+1+14+8+1+20+20+5+14 = 96

Melbourne = 13+5+12+2+15+21+9+14+5 = 96 (r = 9)

Manhatt = 77 = Christ (and Christ means Sacrificed = 77)

Melbour = 77 = Christ

Via persona sacrifice, erected to God Status at the 33rd degree)

Corne = 55 = anus, elius = 66 = shitman, Corn = 41(r = 9) = Crane = 41(r = 18) = King

Chevy = 63 = penis

Chevy Chase was a writer for The Smothers Brothers in the late sixties and Jim Morrison appeared on the Smothers Brothers Show in 1968?
(NCIS Gibbs Rule #39 “There’s no such thing as coincidence”)

See this sausage link to determine if there are any musical, entertainment or military connections.

His Father divorced his Mother and remarriedd into the Folgers coffee Family which connects to Abigail Folger and Laurel Canyon. Now that’s convenient!

Then there’s this excerpt: ‘Chase spent his twenties at various odd jobs..During this time, he wrote for the Smothers Brothers and National Lampoon’

That is the same Wealthy Family connected to Chase Manhatten Banking, now called J P Morgan Chase and Company, formerly American Holding Company founded April 2, 1799 as the Manhatten Company chartered by the New York State Legislature to build a water supply system for New York City.

The Chase National Bank was organized September 12, 1877, by John Thompson (1802–91), who named the bank in honour of the late U.S. Treasury secretary Salmon P. Chase. (Thompson had earlier helped found the First National Bank, a predecessor of Citibank and, later, CitiGroup.) Chase National’s growth was phenomenal, and by 1921 it had become the second largest national bank in the United States, without benefit of mergers. Then there followed a long series of mergers: Metropolitan National Bank (1921), Mechanics and Metals National Bank (1926), Mutual Bank (1927), Garfield National Bank (1929), National Park Bank (1929), Equitable Trust Company, including Seaboard National Bank (1929), and Interstate Trust Company (1930). Such mergers resulted in a proliferation of branches and extensive foreign affiliations.

And for those who maybe have not a clue about Salmon P. Chase, here are sum sausage links.

And here is Salmon P Chase on the Greenback

All 3 of his wives died young. 2 died in their twenties and his 3rd wife died age 32. It must have been one hell of a job to be married to this man!


UPDATE march 10, 2021

Well this/shit/hits the Rock n Roll Fanus hard in the assets. MT from MT over at POM dis-missed this/shit anal-ysis in a manner similar to MM from TAOS. BTW the little Schitty of (TAOS = 20+1+15+19 = 55 = ANUS = 1+14+21+19 = 55) That is as simple a cryptography lesson as you will ever get, using just the order of the alphabet.

The initials MT for Mark Tokarski and MonTana reveals this (MT = 13+20 = 33) and well weave scene that number be fore and among other things, is the numerical total of GAY = 7+1+25 = 33 and PLE = 16+12+5 = 33, as in PURPLE, the OFFICIAL color of the GAY COMMUNITY, butt then again, THE = 20+8+5 = 33 and is the most used word in the English Language. Coincidence? Nada Senor! Now back to PUR-PLE, as the PUR = 16+21+18 = 55 = ANUS butt lets look at physical proximity in relation to words.

vagina = 22+1+7+9+14+1 = 54

anus = 1+14+21+19 = 55

shit = 19+8+9+20 = 56

penis = 16+5+14+9+19 = 63 (Ream-member that CHEVY = 63 = PENIS)

Armed with this/shit knowledge, we can now show that (the penis = 96) via the (33+63 = 96) which just happens to be the numerical value of both MANHATTEN and MELBOURNE is in fact fully erected/elected, butt Shirley (gay brother in the SHERLOCK HOLMES MOVIES) it is all just a coincidence Sherlock Holmes!

BTW, (Sherlo = 77) and (Sherlock Holmes = 163)

And just for phun (herlock Holmes = 144 = Sherlock Holme)

Now i did not create this photo montage and i also cannot say for sure these 2 personas are the same McManus butt what was that movie FLETCH about starring CHEVY CHASE?


Shirley that is all just coincidence as well rite Brothers of the Golden Circus?

Now FLETCH was released May 31, 1985. FLETCH is a shortened variant of FLETCHER as in FLETCHER CHRISTIANSON yes? Now Shirley it is just a coincidence that FLETCHER = 6+12+5+20+3+8+5+18 = 77 = CHRIST and also SACRIFICED = 77 because the OLD PERSONA (in this case ROCK GOD) is “sacrificed” in the process of climbing THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. (HEAVEN = 8+5+1+22+5+14 = 55 = ANUS) witches Y yoo must “ASCEND UP INTO HEAVEN”.

Now within the context of this/shit movie narrative, FLETCH is short for IRVIN FLETCHER and there was a sequel called FLETCH LIVES released 17 March 1989 and Hal Holbrook plays “Ham Johnson”, Richard Libertini plays “Frank”, Randall “Flex” Cobb plays “Ben Dover”, Tito Vandis plays “Uncle Kakakis”, etc.

Now just one name tells s hole lotta story hear. UNCLE KAKAKIS?


KAKAKIS = CACA KISS (“caca” is Espanol slang meaning “shit”)

Now many movies were/ARE released on DVD witches short for DIVIDEAD.

Char = King = Wang

This is a response to Jackie Barlow’s message wondering if I knew that “Wang” means “King” in Chinese.

by: Wang Dong Asphalt


Well can’t say that I did, though “Wang” is also a popular slang term for “penis” so that wood make sense.  Another not so well known word for “King” is the old Francois “Char” and there is an old French settlement along the east coast of Canada that still uses the word “Char” to mean “King” as in Charlemagne (The Great King).  This old French settlement (ACCADIANS?) is not too far north of “Maine” (as in Char le Maine).  And since we are on the subject of China, it should be noted that psyops and power shifts throughout Chinese History almost always in “The Li” family and the wife of Hu Jintao was/is of course Liu Yongqing (Li Yong King).  Hu himself is a direct descendant of the Ming Dynasty, born on Winter Solstice (21 December 1942).  But now back to the US.  All U.S. PRESIDENTS except one are direct descendants of KING JOHN “Lackland” who was born on Christmas Eve (12/24/1166) and he was elevated to “KING” at age 33 (according to Biblical Text, Jesus died and came back to life at age 33).  JOHN died for real in his 50th year and his descendants who traveled to America who “lacked land” eventually developed 50 STATES, known as the UNITED STATES just like the UNITED KINGDOM.  Now back to the Francois.  The word “Char” (shar) means King but when pronounced like “Chairman of the Board’ (Chair is a variant of Char and the Pharaoh’s Royolty and Roman Royalty traveled in “Chariots”) “Char” (like charcoal) means “Blackened” and Barack Obama is also a direct descendant of Charlemagne (  Butt back to Wang.  In the somewhat comedic movie “Big Trouble in Little China, Kurt Russell (descended from Royalty) says to his Chinese Brother in Arms (Wang Chi) “Shit Wang, it’s just a game!”  Wang Chi was played by Dennis Gong Dun and the following year (1987) he played the role of “Big Li” in The Last Emperor.  He also played “Ming” and “Lee” in 1997 then “Henry’ in 1999.  We currently have another King named Henry living in King County Washington (William Henry Gates III) though he is actually the (IV).  Now Kurt Russell’s character in Big Trouble is “Jack Burton” and JACK is of course the ejaculate of the KING, witches Y it is KING QUEEN JACK in the ROYAL DECK of PLAYING CARDS GAME.  There is a plot twist however in that very often the “Queen” is butta “Drag Queen” and the analogy WRESTLING MATCH game results in “JACKASS” (JACK IN THE BOX) witches Y the DEMOCRAT PARTY uses the DONG-KEY (JACKASS) symbol where you will always fined an overabundance of GAY PLAYERS.  DONG is another slang term for penis.  ASPHALT (ass fault) is a slang term for the cleave in the buttocks and the POWERS that BEE, seem to love to use the/EL ASTNAME to denote what THEY doo/due FORE a LIVING.  Hence we get the 7 HILLARIUS ROD-HAM beating BURN KNEE ASSNDER then losing to DONALD JOHN TRUMP.  JOHN of course has always meant ‘ERECT PENIS” witches Y in POLICE DRAMAS the client being serviced by the PROSTITUTE is called THE JOHN and the unidentified DEAD MAN who will never be erect again is called JOHN DOE (DOE not BUCK).  Now a couple clues are an app called CHARM KING and a product called CHAR KING SMOKER.  Now since I have been exposing the true meaning of “CHAR”, the internet has been scrubbed of all references of “Char” meaning “King”.  THEY will say that Charlemagne means “Charles the Great” butt the name “Charles” is the English flipped variant of the French “les Char” witch means “the King”.  Another clue is that THEY say “HOLLYWOOD ROYALTY”, witches true, since most are directly descended from ROYALTY, butt when on STAGE or on THE SET the CHAR-ACTER “comes to life after death” (not really life).  In THE LION KING cartoon, the KING in SCAR.  also look up the word “Charlatan”.  The etymology of French word “charlatan” is “char la tan” and “la tan” is “the tain” in English and “the tain” is the reflective coating on a piece of glass that makes it “a mirror” merely a reflection of reality, not reality.  This concept was very important in the 1999 movie THE MATRIX. ENTERTAINMENT means “mind enters the tain”. The movie INCEPTION is about how the HOLLYWOOD MAGICIANS embed ideas deep into your mind so that you believe those are your own original thoughts. The concept is generally called “trauma based mind control” and it is on full display with this current “simulated Pandemic”. Sickness and Dis-ease have almost always been caused by exposure (inhaled, eaten, drank, touched) to toxins. Water and the Sun help our bodied flush toxins and in the Winter months, people generally drink less water and certainly get less Sun, so hence an uptick in “Illness”. Couple that with the generally toxic Holiday meals of Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years along with the also toxic ALCOHOL, CAFFEINE, SALT, SUGAR, ETC. ad nauseam and the overall lack of fresh air and exorcise and it is a “recipe for Dis-aster”. CHRISTMAS rearranged is CHAR-MISTS or SAT SMIRCH butt CHARLEMAGNE was made HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR on CHRISTMAS DAY, 800 AD. The numerological value of TASS is 2+1+19+19 = 41 – KING. Now think about words such as CHARISMA and CHARMING. SMIRCH means “to soil or stain” so you HOLY SEE that “SAT SMIRCH” on CHRISTMAS is “SAT in CHURCH” in the BROWN PEW. PEW (“pee-yew”) means “stinky”.

P.S. “washington” (rearranged is) “shit on wang”, which wood require the “washing ton” with “ton = 31 = t’irty won”. Oh the DC Comics just never get old!

P.S.S. Pelvis Presley was The King of Rock and Roll and had many #1 this/shit/hits the fanus on the MUSIC CHARTS!

Quats going on here?

This is a very important article from Stephers over at POM.  I have included all of the links including the original POM article and all of the comments posted as of 10 pm cst on Corporate date 5/27/2020.  Something to remember is that there are no “little bugs” trying to kill you, though there are many “chemical compounds” and other “toxins” that certainly will!

Quats’ going on here?

By: Stephers

Quats’ going on here?

This is a brief essay about an often overlooked aspect of this whole “cooties” scenario.

At 42 min into this video, Sofia Smallstorm mentions her concern about the use of toxic disinfectants being used in public spaces. Dr. Kaufman describes how he has seen the use of these at his local supermarket. There is much more scintillating material covered in this video as well, so it is well worth your time to listen in full, in my opinion.
One day this month, I decided to embark on a food shopping trip to our “local” (it’s actually 25 minutes away) large chain of natural supermarkets. It was my first visit there since this whole event began, because I have been consciously choosing to support smaller mom & pop natural heath food stores. I noticed the cashier at the checkout was spraying down the conveyor belt with a substance. I asked if I could take a photo of the bottle she was using.
She kindly obliged. I asked her if that specific product was being used throughout the store to disinfect surfaces, and she confirmed that is indeed the sole product that all employees have been given to use for this purpose.

I just want to link a few sources of information (the J-512 Safety Data Sheet and two articles with numerous citations) on the particular product they are using, as these sources indicate that this product may be toxic. In fact, according to the company’s Safety Data Sheet,( this product is registered with the EPA as a pesticide (EPA Reg. No. : 70627-63). One of the main ingredients identified is Alkyl dimethyl ethyl benzyl ammonium chloride – which is in the class of chemicals called Quaternary ammonium compounds, or Quats, for short. Please read this article,( and this article,( for more detailed information.

I find it curious that Quats (as discussed in the above articles) not only cause eye irritation and rashes, but also chronic respiratory conditions, asthma and decreased lung function (precisely what COVID is supposed to cause) — not to mention the potential to cause superbug resistance (that is a controversial conversation for another day though).

My position remains that we are not being bombarded by an invisible virus that is out to attack us, but rather, we are being violated with propaganda coming from every which way. However, I do perceive that if we frequent public spaces in which these chemicals are being overused, we ARE being potentially harmed by something that is nearly invisible.

Just a side note: When I arrived to the market and proceeded to grab a shopping cart (Oh no, without gloves and without a mask!), the store employee standing outside exclaimed that I was grabbing the wrong cart, and it was not cleaned yet and I needed to obtain a “clean” one from inside. I told her it was not a problem for me to just take the one I had already touched, and she replied, “Ma’am, that’s not how we roll here. Please grab a clean one from inside.”

What’s going on here? I would say Quats’ going on here!

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Posted on May 27, 2020 by Stephers
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May 27, 2020 at 7:23 am
I did this deliberately … I used a compressor and a paint spray gun to put a coat of oil-based sealant on a planter box last week, a short project done outdoors. Painters wear not just masks, but N95’s or better when doing this. I did not. The project took maybe an hour.

The following morning I had sneezing fits, four or five in a row, and some gastrointestinal difficulty. It all resolved within a day. While painting I had inhaled fumes, and my body did not like it. I am more and more attune to “terrain” and my body’s response to insult, and more and more convinced that a visit to a doctor is dangerous. All of these antibacterial products around us are fear-based and unhealthy. The gal at the checkout where you shopped (Whole Foods?) is exposed all day long, far more harmful than any SARS-Cov-2 that everyone is so frightened about.

May 27, 2020 at 8:37 am
I don’t buy antibacterial soaps at all and rarely use sanitizer.
But at work… it’s all about clean Clean CLEAN.

May 27, 2020 at 8:09 am
A fb acquaintance posted a photo of a child who had chemical burns(?) all over their legs, from riding in a sprayed down shopping cart.

May 27, 2020 at 12:22 pm
Havent listened but how can anyone trust smallstorm or see that she is fake. why would kaufman be talking to someone like her if he was legit, he could just be controlling the other side.

May 27, 2020 at 3:29 pm
how’s about sharing what should lead one to this conclusion re smallstorm?

May 27, 2020 at 5:26 pm
I’ll give it a shot … a certain Miles Mathis suggests she is controlled opposition. Case closed. Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

May 27, 2020 at 6:42 pm
thanks mark, and i have read that material. i was hoping piecebob would put it in his own words.

May 27, 2020 at 7:12 pm
PIECEBOB – I understand your reservation here. Personally speaking, it’s my default as well, to consider them CO agents on some level. With respect to Dr. Kaufman, he is new to me since the launch of this event, so I can only go by what I have heard him say over the past couple months. I have listened fully to nearly every video and interview of his. I have yet to not only disagree with him; I have also not found him to be dishonest in any way. In fact, I am holding him in the highest esteem, until other evidence comes forward to indicate he may be a disinformation tool. I always leave it on the table.

In terms of Sofia Smallstorm, I have followed her diligently since 2016 (according to my records – it could be longer than that). I have listened to nearly every one of her videos and interviews online. Again, I have yet to find her dishonest, even though I may have slight disagreement at times. I acknowledge that Miles Mathis has posited that she is CO, but I can’t recall him ever backing up his claim with specific evidence, except to say that her background is nonexistent, as if she is a “ghost” (he also makes reference to her aligning with a certain movement – but that’s for another forum)…I could list a number of other researchers (one in particular) who use an alias, and while suspicious, that does not automatically make them controlled opposition or an intel plant.

I have no emotional attachment to those I listen to online, and I recommend to others to always listen to all the information first, and then judge for yourself. That is why I highly recommend you watch the linked video in its entirety. I would be interested if you note some deception, or purposeful obfuscation.

Because I am naturally skeptical, I do my own version of vetting these individuals. It’s quite rigorous. Accordingly, like MM, I have been concerned that I have found very little background info on Smallstorm (including the origin of her name, which seems to be an alias) over the last 5 years, but the information she has expressed has been quite impeccable, in my opinion. In fact, I would describe her work and her perspective pioneering at times. She tends to proudly stand alone, and come to her own conclusions — based on diligent research. I greatly admire that.

Since you posted this, I have seen that Allan C. Weisbecker has also chimed in about Sofia Smallstorm being a limited hangout, and claims to know her real last name. I will look more into his work (I am only vaguely familiar with him), as I see he has called out a number of individuals involved in this corona psyop as limited hangouts , and I actually concur with him. However, from my understanding it seems Allan thinks this event is real in that a bioweapon was released. So I think we need to tread VERY cautiously with information originating from him.

You can see how we can stay in this loop of who is an intel plant, and isn’t?

So, please feel free to bring forward any specific information or evidence you may have — with regard to either Kaufman or Smallstorm — that could indicate they are deceiving us or leading us astray.

In the interim, I hope this side discussion (which I feel is important and should continue) will not detract from the information that I gleaned significant from the video, and was focusing on in this essay. It should stand alone regardless of who was presenting it.

Thank you PIECEBOB for your comment, and I look forward to you clarifying your position.

Poetic In just ice, a prose on the cons

by: Wang Dong Asphalt

So few are the wise owl eyes, seeing through this thicket of lies upon lies, in this cold dark night, when the truth is like a ghost, ever blurred and evasive, as we so few peer intently, into that darkness encroaching, with death fast approaching, wondering with trepidation, who will carry the flame, once we few are deleted, from the here and now, and will those so depleted, simply fear and bow?


BY: Wang Dong Asphalt

So what is really going on with the “Mask Policies”?

The Mask of Shame (You gotta look at this one and let it sinkin)

If you are an EMPLOYEE or a CONSUMER, you are being “shamed” with the MASK. Also, consider the resemblance of these 2 phrases:

“Wear the MASK to BUY or SELL”
“Bear the MARK to BUY or SELL”

That’s rite kids! You are “Bearing the MARK on your FORE HEAD” (fore = front) while 89% of the population (right handers) “Bear THE MARK in thy RIGHT HAND” (MARK is German CURRENCY) so herabouts we use THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR in both it’s CASH and ELECTRONIC variants and you may have noticed at the SELF CHECKOUT KIOSK that the machine is designed for RIGHT HANDED people just like every MICROWAVE OVEN.

Now it is worth noting that CASH is made from COTTON & LINEN (FLAX FIBERS) which grows above ground and PLASTIC is made from CRUDE OIL which is from THE UNDERWORLD, the domain of DIS PATER. Now you may know that “Dis” means “opposite of” and “Satan” is “The Opposer” so “Dis” is another way of saying “Satan”, whiches why it is the DISTRICT of COLUMBIA.

Oh wait, some of you believe in “TRANSMITTABLE VIRUSES” and therefore may also believe you need someone else (JESUS?) to SAVE YOU, someone to tell you what to do and how to do it?

Well since we have stumbled upon the subject of “Jesus” you may be shocked to finally know that “Jesus” is a plural word, with “Jesu” as it’s singular, as in JESUIT. That is why it is called “The Society of Jesu’s”. So one bit of NEWS is that JESUS is a BODY POLITIC made up of LIVING MEN who have taken an OATH to NEVER HAVE SEX WITH WOMEN and EVERYONE who is not CATHOLIC must die!

But the NEW RELIGION that these “MEN” have been working on for centuries is MODERN MEDICINE combined with THE LEGAL SYSTEM to back it up. That is why all of the MEDICINES and LEGAL WORDAGE is based in LATIN. Can you see “Medici” in the word “Medicine”? Probably just a coincidence!

Now, back to the JESUITS and the ART of CONVERSION. These “MISSIONARIES” came into what is now called Wisconsin and set up camp along the western shore of “Michigan” *native speak meaning “Big Lake” in the area now known as Green Bay (very CATHOLIC you know). The mission ultimately is to control every man woman and child from cradle to grave and also all of the animals, forests, waters, weather (yes they have been since at least as far back as 1998).

Now with the Chippewa/Ojibwe/Ojibwa the conversion to CATHOLIC was going well enough that the JESUITS gave guns to this tribe to expel the SIOUX who refused to convert. That is how the SIOUX ended up out on the PLAINS riding horses & chasing buffalo. Of course the plan that was hatched in circa 1488 was to conquer the AMERICAS in 400 years. You may recall from History that the JEWS who refused to convert to CATHOLICISM were expelled from ESPANIA in 1492, the same year COLUMBUS sailed off on his voyage of CONQUEST.

So after the AMERICAN CIVIL WAR ended with the CATHOLIC NORTH VICTORY over the PROTESTANT SOUTH, some battle-hardened TROOPS were sent out WEST to finally seal the deal on the 400-year plan by finishing off the pagan SIOUX.

So what is taught at JESUIT UNIVERSITIES? Well, we get lots of SCIENTISTS, DOCTORS and LAWYERS right? The MEDICAL DOCTORS and SCIENTISTS wear the WHITE LAB COAT (WHITE ROBE) to symbolize PURITY of thought and intension, butt DISPUTE the DOLLAR BILL AMOUNT attempting to confiscate all of y’ore ASSETS and HOLY SEE this/shit/hits the FANUS as your GOOD DOCTOR reams you a NEW ONE over the TELE-PHONY.

So did anyone notice that in MARCH, The 5G BILL sailed through THE ROMAN SENATE and THE HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES without a single NAY VOTE and not one sinle ELECTED OFFICIAL stood up and said “Wait a minute! Shouldn’t we at least read it and Discuss at it first?” There you go kids! Then The DON T-RUMP signed it and just like THE PATRIOT ACT it was DONe (DON is Espanol meaning LORD). Did we Dis-cuss at the fact that TRUMP went to JESUIT FORDHAM and “Bear the MARK”ANTHONY FAUCI went to JESUIT HOLY CROSS. What about WISCONSIN GUVNAH “TONY EVERS”? Only CATHOLICS name a son ANTHONY. Now ANTHONY EVERS is butty buddy holly jolly roger that with CATHOLIC JOSEPH ROBINETTE BIDEN. Robin-ette? Where have we seen a variant of that middle name before? Ever heard of Pauline Robin-son Bush? Remember during the campaign against HILLARIUS ROD-HAM when T-RUMP said “I’M BATMAN!” Well, it was an inside JOKER cuzz Pauline Robinson Bush was/is known to the inner circle as “Robin”. Now get your cons-piracy heads out of the fact that Pauline Robinson Bush was born about the UNCLE SAMe time as HILLARIUS ROD-HAM.

BTW, The BUSH FAMILY is from the VERY CATHOLIC NEW YORK CITY so how did one son become GOVERNOR of TEXAS and another GOVERNOR of FLORIDA, then “HILLARIUOS RODE-HAM” ends up FIRST LADDY to the GOVERNOR of ARKANSAS who morphed into FIRST LADDY to the PRESIDENT of UNITED STATES, then finally goes back home to NEW YORK to become a ROMAN SENATOR, then on to DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE fore PRESIDENT?

Butt-doo due knot fore get that shit she pulled while BILL was Hoe-key Poe-King A-round in the OVAL ORIFICE known as the (HILLARY) CLINTON HEALTH-CARE PLAN! Long History of Promoting “The White Lab Coat PRIEST CLASS”. Then with OBAMACARE, the last free thing on this/shit earth/soiled planet (le pant) went bye bye as THE “ACT of BREATHING” became ILLEGAL (ILL EAGLE). If you are “living” you must PAY fore HEALTH INSURANCE or PAY A FINe. If you are a “bad fish” THEY WILL-I-AM not kidding, “PIN a FINe” on you so you might doo a better Be-low JOB of swimming in the SIEZE of COMMERCE.
Now doo you know what he means when the PRIEST says “Be-less yoo my Son!”?

BTW, The French are notorious for being CATHOLIC (88%) and MENARD is FRANCOIS.

Last time I checked there were 6 CATHOLICS and 3 JEWS on the SUPEREAM COURT.

So if you consider yourself to be CATHOLIC and are pissed off about wearing the MASK of SHAME, you got your BUTT LICKIN/RING KISSING, KNOB GOBLIN, GOOGLE PIN GREEN BAY ASS PACKER JESUIT HIERARCHY to THANK FORE THAT so first chance yoo get, go back to M’ASS and sit y’ore stinking ass in the PEW and WORSHIP (whore ship) the JUDAS PRIEST in the WHITE ROBE.

One last thought. VIKINGS is “VI KINGS” (VI is ROMAN NUMERALS meaning “6”) so VIKINGS means “KINGS of the SIX” and “The SIX” is? Well, if you were ever in the ROMANUS MILITARY the phrase “Watch my Six!” might give a clue “Butt” just in case you are still confused “The Six” is The Anus”. In positioning, 12 O’ Clock is straight forward and whether you track horizontally, vertically or any other angle, “6 O’ Clock is at the ANUS”.

5G – WTF Rite Brothers?

by: Wang Dong Asphalt

Sum observations and a link to POM.

Dancing naked at a formal ball

At the following sausage link is information about “severe Acute Radiation Sickness” also called “severe ARS” (ARSE anyone?) as they seem to really try not to call it “SARS” which would lead to “confusion” by the M’asses as with the current “SARS CoV-2” (VIRAL? yeah, the lies have gone VIRAL) epidemic that just happens to coincide with the massive rollout of 5G while millions of buildings are empty during the “lockdowns” and “shelter in place” orders. If you have been out on the roads, streets & highways, you have had to have seen the crews installing 5G. I was on the fence regarding 5G until the last 2 days where I experienced a symptom 2 times at 2 locations 30 miles apart or more and both times within 1/4 mile of a massive 3G/4G/5G transmitter. This symptom is best described as instant lightheadedness or dizziness. I have had this symptom before though never connected it to TRANSMITTING TOWER.

Radiation Sickness

Here is more info on 5G

Now for the real kicker. With all of the trash talk on TV and Internet between Liberals and Conservatives, Republicans and Democrats about the supposed crisis and whether or not TRUMP is to blame or the Chinese or the Boogeyman, this next link is proof positive that it is one big dirty club.

Not a single SENATOR or HOUSE member either voted against or raised an objection and it passed both SENATE and HOUSE by unanimous consent/without objection. Has that ever happened before?  (HOUSE vote was 3/11/2020) and TRUMP signed it into LAW on 3/23/2020 (3+23+20+20 = 66 = SHITMAN)

BTW, the BILL, known as (S. 893 – The Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020), was introduced by JOHN CORNYN (R)(TX) and had 10 other CO-SPONSORS fore a TOTAL of  7 REPUBLICANS and 4 DEMOCRATS = 74 = “11”.  Why 11?  Glad yoo assked!  ELEVEN = 5+12+5+22+5+14 = 63 = PENIS(16+5+14+9+19 = 63).  Now if yoo halve learned anything buy reading my poe-stings, it is that (OUS = 55 = ANUS) as in hOUSe of representatives and SENATE is revealed if yoo overstand that the vowels are interchangeable, so SENATE backword becomes ETANES witch is really AT ANUS, but even if we leave it a loan, as SENATE, the “E” is at positions 2 and 6 so “26” letters in the CAPITAL half of the ALPHA-BET, butt then the EE is the 55 = ANUS, butt yoo all ready SAW IV that movie coming Rite?  T’hen egg’hen, the ET is an affix meaning “small” so SENA = ANES = ANUS with ET it trans-lates to “SMALL ANUS”.  BTW the word PRESIDENT is TERD PENIS and SIGNATURE is TIGER ANUS and surely sum o’ view saw COLLEGE FOOTBALL “TIGERS” all over the place weining shit the last couple years Rite?  BTW, “couple” means “two individuals of the same sort considered together”.  Did you also notice the first NFL player to ‘test positive” was RAM SCENTER “BRIAN ALLEN”.  Now fore those WHO jhalve no clue FOOTBALL is SHITBALL (FOOT = 6+15+15+20 = 56) = (SHIT = 19+8+9+20 = 56), witches Y the “sCENTER” puts the TURD at his ANUS when the QUARTERBACK says “KIKE” or “HUT HUT” or whatever and there are 11 players per side to represent 2 PENISES each trying to RAM the SCENTERD deep into the other mans tear-it-tory to SCOR = 55 = ANUS in the rear of the end ZON = 55 = ANUS.   BTW, the FANUS is the ANUS in this/shit narrative and UNT = 55 = ANUS witches Y yoo(55) are RESIDENTED in a coUNTy within a coUNTry or maybe yoo reside is a VILLAGE (VILL = 55 = ANUS) and the esoteric pronunciation of CITY is “schitty” butt moo VIN on TAG animals!

Now I had wondered about why THEY chose “5G” and it could be in PART(55) because the 5th occurrence of G in the repeating alphabet (7,33,59,85,111,137) is (111).  Remember “The 3 Musketeers” said “ALL FORE ONE AND ONE FORE ALL” butt the “3 MUSKETEERS” are the 3 BRANCHES OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE, all profiting nicely off the LABORS of the SLAVES as technically speaking, EVERYTHING is ILLEGAL (ILL EAGLE, i.e. “hurts the EAGLE”)!  Breathing (living) was still sort of LEGAL until OBAMACARE(59).  And remember that the TV SHOWS and/or MOVIES involving THE 3 MUSKETEERS (3 AMIGOS) or (THE 300)  or (THE ThREE of LIBERTY) were all scripted and the ENEMIES were/are IMAGINARY.



By: Wang Dong Asphalt

So, sum time ago, I became acquainted with someone in the Medical Field working in the Midwest.  Yes, I am leaving this vague for a reason.  So when the HOAX was first ramping up, the Hospital this person works at was converted to handle only those who “tested positive” so all existing patients were shipped out to other facilities.  Now nearly 6 weeks since I last spoke to this person, it seems that there are less than 100 (way less) patients at this hospital that was supposed to receive “every positive test patient in the entire State!”  These supposedly “positive test patients” are all over 80 years old!  You know, the age when people are more often than not placed in nursing homes and routinely jabbed with Infuenza “vaccines”.

Of course, part of this agenda is a “test” to see what the reaction of the PUBLIC will be and how many people will just blindly go along with insane orders.  It is difficult when walking through certain stores these days, not to make the connection to that TV Show TWD (The Walking DEAD), with each person wearing a mask playing the role of the DEAD.  We have all seen people wearing masks buying $500 worth of groceries at the checkout.  Obviously, these people are not gardeners and/or hunters, trappers or fishermen.  Now if one lives in a desert area, the grocery store may be the only option.

I have done my best to go about the things I need to do, without changing my routine (too much).  I have done some repairs and made some improvements that I would not have otherwise gotten around to doing.  What I learned from the 2008 CacaRash, was to be very careful not to get caught up in the hype and make big purchases on a whim, in an emotional state.  To be fair though, some of the decisions I made then, meant that I did not need to do them again now.  Furthermore, for those of us who have had the courage to look behind the curtain and tumble down the rabbit holes, it is much easier now to remain calm in the face of all this craziness going on around us.

I have also been wondering about some “good things” that may be going on behind the scenes (no, not the Q-anon psy-op).  I also wonder about the 100 Million barrels of  Saudi oil that are soon to be sitting off the coasts of the United States, with all of our storage tanks full by mid-May.  Some may not realize that the United States Fracking Industry was producing more oil than Saudi Arabia.  That model only works if the price of oil is much higher than it is now.  These currently low prices while good at the pump are very bad for the Fracking Sector as once a Company shuts down completely and the workers scatter and equipment is sold, lost to repossession or falls into disrepair, it is very difficult to gather the capital to do it all over again knowing that a similar result could happen again.

My Grandparents used to tell stories about what they went through during the Great Depression.  My Grandmother said they had to eat “lard sandwiches”.  My Great Grandfather had a lot of newer farm machinery and no money for fuel so he had to go back to farming with horses, like the Amish do still today.  He also had a car that he used as a freezer in the winter for meat storage (venison).

What I find fascinating is that every one has family members, friends, acquaintances and neighbors.  Some (maybe most) of those people are not “in your circle of trust”.  Every one would probably agree that if you can count all of your true friends on the digits of one hand, that would be 5 and very rare indeed, yet the majority (masses) believe that the talking heads on TV & Computer Screen or at the (now televised) pulpit, somehow want what’s best for you?  Amazing!

World Wide WEB – INTERN-ET

BY: Wang Dong asphalt

This commentary was left-right over there at POM and unfortunately, includes nearly no cryptography lessonage due to the R’ules of the POM.  (POM = 44)

Melinda Gates Calls Coronavirus “The Experiment”

Well right from the start THEY called it “novel coronavirus” and “novel” means “a literary work of fiction” so as usual, the truth is scripted in plain sight, yet the endless debates roll on.

So WHO is the “author” of the Novel titled “CORONAVIRUS”?

Well, DEAN KOONTZ did write sum thing similar in 1981 & 1989 (8 years between revisions). So what is the meaning of “dean”?

Now in the Wikipedia entry for Dean Ray Koontz, we find sum mysterious things. For example, he has been married since 1966 but has no children? Well they (he and his “wife”) must be doing it wrong I suppose. Also, pay special attention to the section titled: Disputed Authorship. 30 Erotic Novels.

Dean Koontz admits to having 10 pen names, so adding that to his most known pen name “Dean Koontz’ makes 11 pen-is mightier than the sword names.


These days (nearly) everyone has assmart phone which is a mini-computer that has programs now called “apps” but we must always look to the Francois for clues so it would be “le app” or “les app” which translates in English to “apples”. In de BIBLE the name of “God” is “I am” which is “Je suis” (ze swee) in de Francois, which is obviously the origin of “Jesus” (Jeezus) in English and (hey Zues) in Espanol. It is worth noting that the capital letter “G” is a symbol of Freamassonry and the sheep have been trained to say “believe in G-zus” which, of course, is connected to The Society of G-zus, AKA The Jesuits. Etymology of wordage is often overlooked and undervalued by (re)searchers and don’t get me started on how cryptography is treated like a conspiracy theory. Take the word/name “Melinda”. I see “el minda” or “the mind”. I also see “de la min” which leads to a chemical company called “Delamin” and also to a genome biology and a “lamin” is?

Now if the readers hear do not see the connection between Melinda and lamin after following this link, then heaven hell puss!

As special reveal, every storefront business has a set of doors (GATES) and to enter you must have DOLLAR (BILL) to spend. These are the BILL GATES of COMMERCE. (BILL GATES net worth is 104.1 BILLION) Soon this concept will enter its next phase, where you will be eleCtronically targeted for expulsion if your “CHIP” has been turned off. Every store that is allowed to survive into the next phase, will have armed guards to escort you out of the store and possibly into a “re-education center”.

Now there is an old saying “numbers don’t lie, butt people doo” so hear is what should be an obvious connection. WARREN EDWARD BUFFETT (WEB) net worth $76.3 BILLION. How many letters are in each of his names? 667. Well that was a close one. Dang near a six hundred three-score and six! Now it is said that The Oracle of Omaha made 99.7% of his money after the age of 52. (yes THEY love that number) so at $76.3 BILLION he would have “only had” $229 MILLION at age 52. Now last year at age 88, WEB was worth about $88 BILLION and his birthday of August 30 is about .666 of the way into the year although sum times numbers can be random with no real explanation. Now that would leave .333% of the year remaining after the birth of WEB and if he was worth .003 of his current worth at age 52, then his wealth would have times by 33,333.333333333 but surely it’s all coincidence rite brothers?

Owe and Buy the Weigh, WARREN EDWARD BUFFETT is 19 letters. Remember the “19 HiJackers on 9/11”? The crownavirus was first reported from China on the last day of twenty 19 and the sickness was named CO-V-ID-19. The Ancient Egyptians called the Sun “Ra” which has a value of “19” and a name like RAYMOND is a reference to the SUN and MOON. (RAYMOND – DEAN RAY KOONTZ?)  The “Sun” is the giver of life. The Sun/Son is the truth, the light and the way. The seasons were/are marked by the Solstices and Equinoxes and that is why in many Christian Churches, you will be facing east while listening to the Sermon? Why is the MOON referenced in the Sermon when it can only reflect the light that is produced by Ra? Ever wonder why we have the word “research” where “re” is to mean “again” which is to “search for what has been lost”. “Re” is the energy of “Ra” and that energy once manifested through you becoming physical actions is now called “er”, hence, BASEBALL PLAYER, SONGWRITER, SINGER, LABORER, WORKER, SWIMMER, etc.

George Carlin said it best when he said that the only Religion with Credibility is SUN WORSHIP. Of course, CHRISTIANITY is nothing more than a HIJACKING of this ancient Universal Religion of Ra. Furthermore, every other aspect of this commercial system that puts DEAD and/or IMAGINARY things as more important than “Ra”(the Sun) is perpetrated by “The 19 HiJackers”. So, the “19 HiJackers” attacked themselves on 9/11? Or was it that it was the “19 HiJackers” who were attacked? Foods forthought.

DEAN RAY KOONTZ (KOONT = MOON) as K = 11 and T = 2 so KT = 13 = M

DEAN RAY KOONTZ is also 13 letters and M is the 13th letter

Now a search for “M” led to this liitle Gem(atria)


This is a 1931 German Language film by Fritz Lang.  Now if watching this trailer does not jolt a connection to what is happening now wit ze crown de virus, please stop pretending and go back to just being a mindless sheep.

Charmin is a King Butt Y yoo ass’king?

by: Wang Dong Asphalt

Thius/shit post was prompted by sum bad blood between the faithful over at POM and the Mini Man (MM) down in TAOS and just the GENERAL MILITARY UN-NATURE of this  HOLE GOD DAM SHIT STORM otherwise known as CORONAVIRUS (CROWN VIRUS hits KING COUNTY WASHINGTON).  BTW, yoo may be curious to nose Y the name “WASHINGTON” cain be reaarranged to form “SHIT ON WANG”?  So for the igno-rant/bitching/complaining M’asses, WANG is slang for PENIS witch ream-minds of that scene in “Big Trouble in Little China” where Kurt Russell says “Shit Wang, it’s justag aim!”

here is the sausage link to the POM article followed by a link to the musings of MM:

Calm down, please …

By: Wang Dong Asphalt

One of my uncles was in the NAVY during the CUBAN MISSILE CR’ISIS and was on one of the SHIPS there, so I asked him what was really going on. His lengthy response sums up what we all now know about propaganda as he said “Nothin!” That was the entirety of his description of the event from a man who was there at the time.

Now I had not visited the tangled webs site of our arrogant friend down in TAOS for sum time until sum of the faithful here had written sum negativities regarding his supposed dismissal of the “CROWN VIRUS HOAX” (CVH = 33). Oh BTW, for the few here WHO may not already know, CORONA means CROWN and of course, the U.S. (FEAR) virus hit first in KING COUNTY WASHINGTON where BILL GATES and his GATES FOUNDATION are the KING and his COURT. Yes, the enemy is at the GATES!

Now he does seem to write a fair amount about the PHOENICIANS, a name that was coined by the GREEKS in describing these people of the PURPLE DYE, as “PHOENICIAN” means “PURPLE MEN” and PURPLE is the OFFICIAL COLOR of ROYALTY, EMPIRE and the LGBT.

Now there are a multitude of agendas within the framework of the CVH so lets get into sum of them.

Transferring TRILLIONS from your 401K and IRA accounts into “other accounts” then offering to send a “CHECK” (CHECK MATE) for $1000 or $2000 to every ADULT HOUSEHOLD “who file TAX RETURNS”. How nice of them but what is the real reason? When you sign and cash that check, you have LEGALLY accepted the ROBBERY of your RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS and released the thieves of all LIABILITY. But it gets even worse, as the TRILLIONS were transferred to PRIVATE ACCOUNTS, yet the CHECKS will be written from the PUBLIC DEBT ACCOUNTS, borrowed into existence to be repaid with INTEREST, just like all DEBT.

Testing the cooperation of all of the LOWER LEVEL ELECTED OFFICIALS, BEAUROCRATS, BUSINESS OWNERS and SLAVES. Yes, many small businesses will go bankrupt or need to borrow MONEY to continue operating as OVERHEAD COSTS will continue, while INCOME is cut off completely.

The “ESSENTIAL” BIG BOX STORES are all still open and doing MEGA PROFITS with all of the smaller “NON ESSENTIAL” businesses hog-tied or closed.

Now there are already a few businesses in our area that have put out signs asking you to PAY WITH A CARD instead of CASH and sum where along the way in this/shit TP hoax, the suggestion will be made or it will simply be dictated that CASH is just too risky in regards to transferring of the VIRUS so it will be another step toward a CASHLESS SOCIETY.

The first OFFICIAL death from the CVH in the U.S. was on FEBRUARY 29, 2020 witches 66 days after CHRIST-MASS, the day in witch the SUN begins to RISE after 3 days in the TOMB. (Winter Solstice). The ancient Egyptian name for the Sun is “Ra” witches “19” and those who oppose Sun Worship as the only credible Religion are “The 19 Hijackers”.  The story of Jesus Cruci-fiction was/is overlaid upon this astrological fact and in the early morning hour on SUN-day in the DARK CHURCH you may be FACING EAST and be presented with an image of the “Christ Character” hanging in an elevated position on the Wall.  The artificial replacement of “The Sun” giver of all life on Earth and as we travel through the vacuum of space, our little earth “follows the Sun”

Now just fore phun, here are sum connections between the events of 9/11/2001 and the current sea (currency) CORONA VIRUS HOAX. Now you may recall “the 19 HIJACKERS”? This latest hoax started in CHINA in 19 (2019) and even better is that it hit the U.S. in 2020, witches 19 years after 9/11/2001. Now, how many here recall that late on the evening of September 10, 2001, there was a fire at a PAPER MILL in CANADA that burned through the night and was still burning when the 19 HIJACKERS were doo in their thing? The scumbags who owned that burned PAPER MILL, were handed 2 other PAPER MILLS in the U.S. within (2 weeks?) of that FIRE. One of those PAPER MILLS is in EAU CLAIRE WISCONSIN. Don’t recall where the other one is. PAPER MILLS PRODUCE? TOILET PAPER and the OWNERS have manipulated the MASSES to boost their PROFITS WITH RECORD SALES. Of course, it’s all an inside joke as we have all been fucked hard in the ASSETS via the ROBBERY on WALL STREET and the announcements and sales of new GOVERNMENT BONDS (PUBLIC DEBT) to “deal with the crisis”. Now that’s a lot of PAPERWORK and all of that PAPER has to PAID FOR yes? Now the 2nd top-selling brand of TP in the world is Charmin and “Char/Shar” means “King” in ze old Francois.  If you are “fishing” for “Shark” (King of the Seas) yoo are “Sharking”.  Never mined that a toilet is affectionately referred to as “The Throne”.

Charmin = 66,

“Ch” = 11 = eleven = 63 = penis

“armin” = 55 = anus

Now, in spite of whatever shit yoo may read now, the name “CHARLEMAGNE” means “The Great King” as “Char” means “King” but since I have been pointing this out, the online sources seem to be directing people to the idea that CHARLEMAGNE means “Charles the great” witches redundant as the French “les” is the English “the” so to say “Charles the great’ would be to say “Char the the great”.  A variant of “Char” is “Chair” as in “Chairman of the board” who is essentially the “King” of a Company or CORPORATION.

Now since we are into de Francois language, it should be mentioned that long before ENGLISH was forced onto the people of the Islands now known as the UK, the majority there spoke FRENCH, along with other local tribal languages. ENGLISH is sort of a backward variant of FRENCH with some other shit tossed in like LATIN and a bit of GERMAN and sum SPANISH. So the origin of the word/name “Jesus” is the Francois “Je suis” meaning “I am” so the name “William” is saying “Will of Je suis” or “The Will of Jesus” (Last Will and Testament, i.e. New Testament) and often lost in the name game is that BILL GATES is WILLIAM HENRY GATES III who married MELINDA FRENCH in 1994. Haven’t there been many “other KINGS” named WILLIAM or HENRY? So BILL GATES is playing the role of JESUS you HOLY SEE with his pri-mary mission in life to reduce the POPULATION of HUMANS on this PLANET. His Mother is Mary (Mary the Mother of Jesus yoo Holy See Rite?) and his Father, Willian Henry Gates II is the man who started PLANNED PARENTHOOD, an organization focused on preventing babies. We WILL end this/shit on THE GATES of HELL with the fact that BILL GATES iii was born in 1955 (55) and at age 13 purchased a Teletype Model (33) ASR terminal and the release of the MITS Altair 8800 (88) was what prompted Gates & Allen to start a SOFTWARE COMPANY and he (Little Bill in a good Western) was arrested in 1977 (77) at the age of (22) for a traffic violation in Albuquerque New Mexico, witches just 133 Miles (if my) Mathis RITE from TAOS and TAOS = 20+1+15+19 = 55 = ANUS so of course there is going to be sum SHIT emanating from that location butt buy studying this/shit yoo Cain fined (know) doubt where THEY have been and witch direction THEY are going.


Now, looking back at the history of King Phillip of Macedon, we find that he was taken as an “eromenos” (boy lover to an older man) and he, in turn, took Alexander and others as his boy lovers and sum of these boy lovers become the knew Kings eventually.  Now these boys may not have any homosexual tendencies before being TURNed and that brings us to the Canadian Rock Band LOVERBOY  and the SONG(55) TURN ME LOOSE and as yoo might imagine, after a good ass fuc(by the)King, the boy lover (loverboy) will be TURNed and LOOSE, i.e. LOVERBOY – TURN ME LOOSE.

Now, this initial ass fucking was and is “an initiation” into the hierarchy of power in this/shit world.  Now if you take the name “eromenos” and spell it backword, you get “sonemore” and it is worth noting that within the gay culture, “mining for gold” is fucking a man/son in the ass.  So the word “sonemore” is “son em ore” and the archaic meaning of “son” is in fact “initiate” and the God of the Under World was and is “Dis Pater” witch basically means “Anti-Father” and much can be written about WHO are “The Sons of Dis”.  Go ahead and look that up!

Sons of DispaterThe Sons of Dispater care only for money. For them, every life has its price and only the station of the target and the ease of the kill mitigate the cost. The Sons started life as a mercenary company taking part in the vicious trade wars that flared up in the sector.

Sons of Dispater | Calixis Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Sons_of_Dispater
In real history, The ROMANS fought The GAULS as both claimed to be The Sons of Dispater.