By: Wang Dong Asphalt

The following is from commentary (with additions) left right over at Jewrassic Liars. Although I do not agree with some of his ideas, he does catch sum good stuff and has some great insights.

DONALD CRAIGHEAD, age 44, of Oceanside California, with the initials DC was arrested in D.C. near the DNC headquarters. The letters DNC occupy positions (1,3, 7 =11) in the stage name. The number 11 is spelled ELEVEN = 63 = PENIS. The date of the arrest was MONDAY 9/13/2021 (9+13+20+21 = 63 = PENIS. This narrative of course connects to both TRUMP and BIDEN so an anagram of the word PRESIDENT is PENIS TERD or TERD PENIS and surely I need not explain that to yoo rite?

MONDAY is of course MOON DAY and a MOON is a BARE ASS NAKED and every STATE CAPITAL is an ANUS accessing y’ore shit/assets via the TAX/FINE/FEE Sewer System. CAPITAL = 44 = RAPED (T = 20 = 2)

Oceanside is the setting for the explosive TNT drama series ANIMAL KINGDOM.

DONALD CRAIGHEAD was arrested for having a bayonet and a machete in his VEHICLE. How did the POLICE know these items were in the VEHICLE and did the POLICE have a WARRANT to search the VEHICLE? Like all MEDIA stories, this one stinks like caca at the Ca-pit-hole!





And in the time of the 46th PRESIDENT we get DONALD CRAIGHEAD

DONAL = 46 = CRAIGH, witch leaves DEAD

Keep in mind that DONALD TRUMP was the 45th PRESIDENT but was the 44th PERSON to become PRESIDENT.

It is also worth noting that there are 50 Moons during a 4-year PRESIDENTIAL TERM to coincide with the 50 STATES that “orbit” the “planet” (small plan/great work) and ORBIT = 46 (T = 20 = 2) or you could see ORBIT as 64, a reflection of the 46th P-RESIDENT of the OVAL OFFICE/ORIFICE. (OVAL = 50)

Now tumbling a bit deeper into the Rabbi Toll we fined this:

“craig” is derived from the Scottish Gaelic “creag” meaning “rock” and

ROCK = 47 = OHIO (as well as many other words)

Also, the FREEMASONIC COMPASS is set at 47º because of The 47th Problem of Euclid AKA the Pythagorean Theorem witches basically an equation for calculating a perfect right/square angle of 90º.

I suspect this concept is part of the larger theme of recreation of all things in mans image as Nature (some say “God”) does not do 90º angles. These sick minded men see themselves as superior to Nature and fight against what is natural at every turn.

In the Biblical Narrative, the Egyptians were doing many things that were opposed to Nature and “the Plagues” were simply Nature’s way of trying to return a balance. An example would be the planting of vast fields with a single seed to grow a crop of wheat or corn or whatever else. There will be an insect like a grasshopper that feeds on that particular plant and that insect will very quickly become a swarm of say “locusts”. Once Nature has returned that balance, the locusts will begin to die off from lack of a food source and also other animals that may feed on grasshoppers will increase in number until a balance is returned.

The modern use of pesticides and herbicides is an attempt to prevent Nature from returning a balance, thereby maintaining the unbalanced system.

If you have ever grown a any type of organic garden, you know that the weeds will appear to ruin your harvest and if the weeds are not pulled your garden will be choked out. Also, deer, squirrels and other animals may get into your garden and eat your vegetables or may practically destroy a freshly planted apple tree.

The bottom line is that at the same time we are a part of Nature, we are also at War with Nature and finding a balance is the key to our existence.


By: Wang Dong asphalt

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UPDATE: The comment that was left right over at “cuttingthroughthefog” was deleted with no feedback as to why from Josh or Vexman or whoever is running that distraction. So, once again, GATEKEEPING at supposed “truth sites”. They wouldn’t want random readers to see through new eyes with new wisdom I guess. Just asside note is that when I arrived at that virtual blog post, the number of comments was at 33 and is now at 56. Of course those 2 numbers are all over all of the time in virtually every narrative butt ya gotta know the CODE to see most of it. And since the original was deleted over there, I have added a few edits and tidbits!


Once upon a time, the serpent was used as an assassin’s tool, making a death appear to be of natural causes. Over time, they learned how to extract the highly toxic and corrosive venom, which lead to the invention of the needle as a means of injecting the venom. The Medical Doctors still use 2 serpents coiling up a needle as a logo. A serpent is also technically a psychopathic organism and 2 psychopaths can always recognize each other even in a crowded ICU (I SEE YOU) room.

Technically snake venom is a type of solvent. The same could be said of spider venom. Spider venom attacks the nervous system and renders the victim paralyzed, sort of like Polio or ALS, both caused by a type of venom “vaccine”.

Spider venoms are a cocktail of many chemicals. Some are neurotoxins, which evolved to kill or immobilise arthropods like insects by attacking their nervous systems; others are cytotoxins (solvents) which help break down the tissue so the spider can ingest a liquefied meal.

When you are coughing up phlegm, mucus or whatever you prefer to call it, that is the end result of a solvent liquifying cells in your body. Once upon a time, I breathed in the vapors of concentrated sulfuric acid cleaner for about 30-45 minutes and was coughing up blood for 2 days. At the time I had thought that the spill I was cleaning up was just soap and I also got it on my legs and hands. Hard lesson learned there.

Snake venom is a highly modified saliva containing zootoxins that facilitate the immobilization and digestion of prey, as well as provide defense against threats. It is injected by unique fangs during a bite, and some species are also able to project spit containing venom.

So a main reasoning behind the “2-shot approach” to coronavirus/SARS CoV2/COVID-19/…, is that the serpent has 2 fangs. Yes, it really is that simple.

Now sum of view may halve noticed that words like Serpent, Snake Spider, Shot, Sick, Son, Sex, Society, State and SARS all feature the letter “S” witches the “19th” letter and you may recall it was “The 19 hijackers” on 9/11 rite? The Georgia Guide-StoneS are 19 feet tall and weigh 119 tons and are about 109 miles by car from the CDC in Atlanta where THEY promote COVID-19 virtually 24/7 for the past 20 months.

BTW, the word “guide” has a silent “e” so GUID = 41 = KING

Now to get a better understanding of any narrative, one must study the words, phrases and numbers in detail, using numerology, etymology, cryptography, anagrams, etc. Very often, the simple connections tells most of the story.

So, in ancient Accadian, the word “SAR” means “KING”. SARGON was the 1st KING of the ACCADIAN EMPIRE. So it stands to reason that “SARS” would mean “KINGS” and that leads right into CORONAVIRUS as “CORONA” is Espanol meaning “CROWN” butt what it really means is “GRING” and “GRING” is an old SPANISH word meaning “ANUS” witches why the completely racist Spaniards call a white man “gringo” and most ignorant people today still think “gringo” means “white man”.

In simple ORDER of the ALPHABET cryptography, we find that:

Now, do ya think it was a coincidence that this(shit) hole coronavirus narrative kicked off right about the time of SUPPER BOWEL 55?

Further evidence that SARS means KINGS is that the first case of CORONAVIRUS was in KING COUNTY WASHINGTON STATE. Now a CEO is in fact a KING of a DEAD BODY POLITIC “CORPORATION” i.e. “CORPSE ORATION” i.e. a “TALKING CORPSE”. That is another joke behind the PRESIDENCY of the WALKING/TALKING DEAD JOE BIDEN. How many high rank(55) king CEO’s live in the Seattle Metro? Well GATES, BEZOS and the former CEO of STARBUCKS to name 3 of the knob gobblin butt pluggers!

Now let’s use sum cryptography to connect VIRUS to SOLVENT using the ORDER of the ALPHABET as a Georgia Guide Stone.

VIRUS = 22+9+18+21+19 = 89
SOLVENT = 19+15+12+22+5+14+2 = 89 (T = 20 = 2) drop the zero
VIRUS = SOLVENT (Got it? Got it!)

So you see, what they call a “virus” is nothing more than a “solvent” and some well known and popular and promoted solvents are CHLORINE, ALCOHOL and AMMONIA, three of the “solvents” promoted to “kill the virus”. Oh that’s right, a virus is not a living organism, so hence, it cannot be killed!

Now imagine what happens inside a human body, if one of these solvents or even stronger solvents are injected directly into the bloodstream? What about Snake Venom? Spider Venom? Synthetic Venom?

Now I am not a bio specialist or a Doctor but it seems to me that if you somehow get a solvent into your body, your body would need to create a mirror image type of solvent to counteract the poison yes? Yes, that is exactly what happens, just as you can use gasoline to break down engine grease. HELPFUL HINT: Bacon Grease works great on engine grease. Maybe I am a Bio-Specialist!

P.S. you may notice sum similarities in the words VIRUS and VENOMOUS as each word starts with “V” and ends with “US”.

P.S.S. Just heard about a man I’ve known since he was a youth (in his 30’s now) and both he and his wife got the needle venom shots (COVID-19) and they have each been sick at least 2 times with influenza and their children have also been sick (from the shedding). Couldn’t say for sure if they are allowing their egos to connect those dots. Back about 2009, I went to visit my Grandfather who had come down with both Shingles and Pneumonia (ammonia? are you in there?) and he thought that he would surely die. I suspected the needle right away and asked him if he had had any shots recently. His response was “Well I had my Flu Shot 2 weeks ago but that has nothing to do with this!” The vast majority simply will not accept that THE SHOT made them sick, and will instead place the blame for their ILLS and DEATH on the UNVACCINATED as this is the narrative that is most promoted on TV and in the INTERN(ME)ET camps.


This commentary was posted at POM butt MT from MT has it “Awaiting Moderation” witches code-4 “Gate Keeping”.

UPDATE: Here is the link to the POM article

A scan of this article shows that the commentary below was deleted by M-ark Toke-arse-key. Just further evidence that he is a GATEKEEPER, protecting the HOMOHIERARCHY. Wasn’t his brother a Gay CATHOLIC PRIEST?

By: Wang Dong Asphalt


ENTER – go into
TAIN – reflective surface on the backside of glass (mirror)
MENT – mind

ENTERTAINMENT – mind enters the tain

Neo, in The Matrix, enters the “tain” due to the effects of the “Red Pill”.

The “tain” of course represents the imaginary world in the mind of the twisted writers of script (the scribes). The Wachowski Brothers/Sisters? LGBT of course.

BTW, Wikipedia does not have a list of heterosexual screenwriters.

Oddly enough, The Wachowski’s are not mentioned within the extensive Wikipedia list. Makes one wonder how many other major LGBT writers are also still kept in the closet so to speak.

Lana Wachowski (born June 21, 1965, formerly known as Larry Wachowski) and Lilly Wachowski (born December 29, 1967, formerly known as Andy Wachowski) are American film and television directors, writers and producers. The sisters are both trans women. [source:

Now how twisted does it get? Truth or Fiction?,_or_the_120_Days_of_Sodom

This little tidbit was added post POM delete.

The 380 Wikipedia pages about LGBT SCREENWRITERS does include Clive Barker, who brought you the Family Entertainment “HELLRAISER SERIES”.


By: Wang Dong Asphalt

Commentary on de POM poast here:

The 1st thing i notice is that Bobby Riggs looks a lot like John Ritter. Most certainly closely related.

2nd thing is that good old “55” as Bobby Riggs was 55 years old when he played the Lesbians punching bag for this event.

Once upon a time, a read a story about how every woman in Professional Tennis is required to be a Lesbian behind closed doors. Then there was that little off-hand comment of Chris Evert longing to put a ring on the finger of Martina Navratilova (MN is currently married to Julia Lemigova).

Of course, it is most likely just my obsession connecting dots that just aren’t there.

Soon THEY will put sleepy Joe Biden out to pasture and Kamala Harris will be de POTUS. Though she comes from the San Francisco Bay area (Silly-con Valley) where all of the tech/censorship is centered and she is childless (a carear woman, wink wink) who never married until age 49 (just abou the time the menopause sets in), do not for one second enter-tain the thought that she might be, could be, maybe is, Lesbian, cause that might be obsessive!

Then again, consider other tennis players almost certainly born male, like the Williams Brothers/Sisters (Serena & Venus) and the Wide World of Sports starts to look a little suspect.

Some years ago, the CUBS acquired DANIAL MURPHY (CATHOLIC) but before the deal could be finalized, Theo Epstein had to get special permission from Laura Ricketts (the Lesbian) because Danial Murphy had many years before made a comment about how homosexuality was wrong, or something to that effect.

Not all people engage in homosexuality by choice, as some are raped or otherwise pressured by extorsion tactics, but when many thousands of people, who just happen to be LGBT, are in positions of power and influence, it kinda starts to look like a conspiracy, and to acknowledge irrefutable facts, no matter how uncomfortable that may be, is what we do is it not?

BTW, the reason BOBBY RIGGS played that match at age “55” is the same reason the basketball rim/gring is painted (ORANG = 55) and when MJ couldn’t miss they would say he’s “in the ZON = 55”, the touchdown is SCOR = 55 in the End ZON(55) with the FOOT(56)ball. (FOOT = 56 = SHIT)
and the (turd, POS) gets “pooshed up the field” where the asscenter picks up the turd and hikes it to his anus, where the QB has propositioned his hands. The number 55 is now and has always been code-4 the ANUS witches also called the “ONE EYE” the “STINK EYE” or the MONEY’.

Now, sum other words or letter combos that have numerical value of 55 and so are code-4 “ANUS”?


American Nation of United States (ANUS)

BTW, Hispanic Slang word “Gringo” is a derogatory word meaning “anus”

GRING = 55 = ANUS so it’s sorta like saying “asshole!” with the ignorant recipient of said wordage none the wiser.

Got a (VINTAG = 55 = ANUS) on you CAR?


Ever been the (DEFENDANT = 55 = ANUS) wearing the (ORANG = 55 = ANUS) jump suit, getting fucked hard in the assets by the (JUDG = 33 = GAY)?

Hoosier Daddy?

By: Wang Dong Asphalt

Part of this/shit post is also posted at POM

The last TWO, 1-TERM REPUBLICANUS VICE PRESIDENTS were DAN QUALE and MIKE PENCE, both of whom went to the UNCLE SAMe LAW SCHOOL you’ve never herd of. The McKinney School of Law at 530 New York Street, Indianapolis Indiana. Just in case ya didn’t know, at the end of the American Civil (Criminal )War, shit-tons of Judges and ATTORNEY’S AT LAW flowed out the New York like shit from an anus after an Ex-Lax candy bar and these OUTLAWS/AT LAWS occupied every JUDICIAL and ATTORNEY’S OFFICE across the (w)hole nation. (nation = 55 = anus)

Near the beginning of “A Star is Born” Laddy Gaygay gives thanks to the Drag Queens (Gay men) for allowing the performances. That is this/shit world in a nutsack! Right now, Big Tech in Silly-con Valley (LGBT CAPITOL) is leading the way with all of the censorship of anything that opposes the narratives.

In her first scene in that 2018 movie, she (Lady gaga) is at the toilet in a stall of a large room with the Freemasonic black and white checkered floor and she is dressed like a man. Now these are typically called “bathrooms” even though there is no bath, only sinks and toilets. The plumbing in these rooms is how you are connected to the sewer system (underworld). The GOVERNMENTS bill every 3 months on CITY SEWER and send pump notices every 3 years on private SEWER systems. 3 = tri = 47.

The 3 bro-Ken branches of CORPORATE GOVERNANCE are: LEGISLATIVE, (S)EXECUTIVE, JUDICIAL. Do you Holy See the word SLAVE in legiSLAtiVE? Also there are 2-legs (WALKERS) of the LEGISLATIVE ( HOUSE and SENATE) and notice that (OUS = 55 = ANUS) while (HOUS = 63 = PENIS) while (SENAT = 41 = KING) and (SENATE = 46) and SENATOR JOB IDEN(TITY) became the 46th PRESIDENT(PENIS TERD).

BTW , “con” as a prefix/affix/adverb/noun (as in silicon, contrary, conman) is synonymous with “dis” and generally means “opposite, opposed to, against” and of course, the meaning of “Satan” is “opposer” and (satan = 55 = anus). The ROMANS are the “Sons of Dis Pater”, God of the Underworld, witches why Washington, on the 77th meridian, is the “Dis-trict of Columbia” and (tri = 47) and (trict = 70 = walker). D.C. also sits at sea level, making it the meeting place between the world above and the world below. BTW, your BIRTH CERTIFICATE BOND is kept “below sea level”, i.e. UNDER WATER as a DEBT SLAVE.

(alley = 55 = anus) and (valley = 77 = christ, lucifer, monster, wrong)

Now, (walk = 47) and the freemasonic compass logo is set at 47°, so think GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH and his “son/initiate” known as “dub ya” (W) and the former GOVERNOR of WIS-CON-SIN who was SCOTT(77) WALKER(70) = 147. How about PAUL WALKER the ACTOR? His daughter is named MEADOW and ya know (MEAD = 23 = W) so MEADOW = WOW, she really needs to eat some food!

San Francisco leads all cities in North America in “creation” of new Billionaires. Then there are multitudes of billionaires of questionable sexual preference/habits in cities like Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, D.C., Los Angeles, Houston, New York, London, Rome, Berlin, Paris, etc. ad nauseam.

J. Edgar “Bonnie” Hoover was a lifelong homosexual who was put in charge of the FBI from before it was even called the FBI and his boyfriend Clyde Tolson was 2nd in command. J. Edgar ran the FBI through multitudes of PRESIDENTIAL ADMINISTRATIONS until his last breath on May 2nd, 1972. Upon his death, Bonnie left his entire sizable estate to Clyde.

One of the projects they ran was to convince the populace that “paper money” had value, hence all of the stories and movies about Bank Robbers stealing FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, even while Gold and Silver coins were still the primary currency used worldwide and of course Nixon closed the Gold Window on August 15, 1971, a Sunday.

BTW, J. Edgar was known as “Bonnie” to insiders because at Drag Parties he liked to dress as the woman, wearing “bonnets” on his head. He was born, lived and died in Washington D.C. He was also an inbred (product of incest) and had a hair lip (caused by incest). In that instance, homosexuality is Natures Way of weeding out the defective genes.

In these modern times, the numbers of homosexual people have been on the rise due to products containing synthetic estrogen (to target boys) and synthetic testosterone (to target the girls). Couple this with a few facts.

At the airport if you opt-out of the X-Ray machine, a man gets groped by a man and a woman gets groped by a woman, otherwise, it would be considered sexual misconduct? WTF? In School, the boys take showers with other boys after Phy-Ed as the girls take showers with other girls, so during a time when hormones are raging the only naked people you see are the same sex.

All of the sports teams are separated in this way for the same reasons. To get boys to bond with boys/men and girls to bond with girls/women. The word gymnasium comes from the Greeks as that is where the boys would be introduced to homosexuality with the men.

Remember how Anthony Fauci frequented Gay Bath Houses to study AIDS or sum horse shit? Just another knob goblin butt plugger from Brooklyn?

on 10/13/2015, the CUBS beat the CARDINALS at Wrigley Field to with the DIVISION SERIES, and here is the video of the end of that game.
Pause the video at 0:15 and ask yourself why there was a camera focused on those 2 men hugging and who are they? They do look like they could be brothers or maybe it is something else?

Yersinia Pestis (Plague)

By: Wang Dong Asphalt

Also posted on POM:

Yet another in the long list of TV Shows that were written to prep the minds of the sheeple for vaxation, is NCIS New Orleans S1 E2 that aired on September 30, 2014. The title of the episode is called “Carrier”.

Within the episode, there is a Doctor, (who is ex-military?) and now works for a PHARMA COMPANY that makes “vaccines”, who is responsible for spreading Bubonic Plague (yersinia pestis) though it is a militarized version of the bacteria that has been synthesized and manufactured in a lab and the “antidote” (vaccine) is ready to go so all they need is to get an outbreak started by poisoning some people, then fear will drive the Masses to seek the vax. That is the pre-script-ion.

So for example, intentionally infect some people by spraying the toxin on commercial plane passengers or Walmart Shoppers or injecting some bioweapon into elderly folks in a Nursing Home, and all of a sudden there is an outbreak of physically sick people to base the bogus narrative on.

Ever heard of NAMRU-6? NAVAL MEDICAL RESEARCH UNIT 6 at Lima Peru

The funny thing here is that Lima Peru, like Washington D.C. and a few other Major Capital Cities is on or very near the 77th.
12.0464° S, 77.0428° W

Nassau Bahamas (25.0443° N, 77.3504° W)
Kingston Jamaica (18.0179° N, 76.8099° W)

On August 13, 2021, there is to be an International Conference on Medical Ethics at Kingston Jamaica. I guess the timing for that couldn’t be better!

BTW, vaccinations began in 1722 and by the 1760’s “smallpox” was raging through the American Colonies and there is a story about how Thomas Jefferson rode his horse for many miles to get vaccinated. Then as now, the “smallpox” was not spread by blankets, but by injection or spraying.

They have been using this same script for 299 years and of course one big thrust leading up to the 300-year anal-adversary (ani-versary).

It is worth noting that once upon a time assassinations were very often carried out using poisonous snakes and then they harvested venom to be injected via some needle-type instrument, which eventually leads to the modern syringe.

Modern medicine still uses the twin coiling-climbing snakes as the Logos! The modern needle is just a snake’s fang.

Now it is my hope here that Mark does not delete or alter this next cryptography observation.

(pestis = 88 = syringe = trump) Coincidence? Not a chance!

The primary symbol of the ROMAN EMPIRE is now and has always been “The Eagle” as the Golden Eagle topped every Standard of the Roman Legions and anything (actually everything) that impedes (“hurts”) “The Eagle” is “ill eagle” i.e. ILLEGAL (LEGAL = EAGLE). You may also have noticed many celebrities (musicians, actors, athletes, politicians, etc.) making a hand sign for photographs whereby the middle and ring fingers are brought together to form “The Eagle Claw”.

In Wisconsin, there is a family with the surname “Egle” (not sure if that spelling is right) that are POLICE types you see, protecting “The Eagle”. Now within the word CLAW we find LAW and once upon a time a COUNTY DEPUTY was trying to hand me sum PAPALWORK (PAPERWORK) and I said “I am not taking that paper from you, do you have a warrant?” to which he responded, “I’m the law!”

Up until OBAMACARE, breathing was the last thing that was LEGAL (no LICENSE necessary), and once O BOMB A CAR was entered into the books “breathing became ILLEGAL”. Any living person not covered by medical insurance would now have to pay a fine, FOR BREATHING!

Now back to PAPAL/PAPERWORK. A PAPAL BULL has no teeth (claws) unless someone is willing to enforce it. Enter the CHICAGO BULLS. If you have not been on the receiving end of an encounter with the ROMAN CATHOLIC POLICE BULLS you really haven’t lived. Yes, the nickname of a POLICE OFFICER by the elite is “BULL”. No? If you want to get pulled over in a hurry, drive a red sports car and look a COP in the eye as you drive by.

Now you have just pissed off “The BULL” and he is coming after your assets now to make sure that you understand that you are a “doe” not a “buck” or “bull” and after he cuts your balls off (fines your assets, takes your money) he goes to eat donuts with your cash, thereby symbolically eating your “doe nuts”.

Planes, Brains and Automatons

By: Wang Dong Asphalt

A thought to seriously consider is that the WTC Complex was built with the intention of its destruction after 33 years. So construction begins on 1 WTC, The North Tower, on Augustus 6, 1968 (though the Groundbreaking was Augustus 5, 1966).

So from CON-STRUCTION to DE-STRUCTION was 33 years 36 days and 9/11/2001 was a TUESDAY just like 8/6/1968 was a TUESDAY! Sort of like the Cruci-fiction of the Society of Jesus at 33 years!


CORPORATIONS that admitted to making ILLEGAL campaign contributions to the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION of RICHARD NIXON included butt knot limited to NORTHROP-GRUMMAN, 3M and AMERICAN AIRLINES.

August 6, 1968 was the 32nd Tuesday of the year, and rounding off, Richard Nixon of California/New York won the 1968 election on November 5, with 32 million votes. Richard Nixon had a brother Harold who died of TB in 1933. Nixon was from California but relocated to New York before running for PRESIDENT. He was born on January 9, 1913.

In January 1938 Nixon was cast in the Whittier Community Players production of :
“The Dark Tower” where he met Thelma Patricia “Pat” Ryan. So he graduates from Wittier HS and is offered a Tuition Grant to attend Harvard but instead attends Wittier College (BA in 1934) then full scholarship to Duke University (JD in 1937) admitted to the CALIFORNIA BAR in 1937, becomes an Attorney at the Law Firm of Wingert and Bewley and in 1938 opens his own branch of Wingert and Bewley.

The Dark Tower was a Broadway Play that had its debut at the Morosco Theatre in New York City on November 25, 1933, a theatre that was owned by the 45th Street Theatres Construction Company.

His Wittier High School GPA put him 3rd in a class of 207 and his GPA was also 3rd in his 1937 Duke University graduating class.

After Marrying Pat, the couple moved to D.C. where Dick began to really penetrate the honey pot known as the Military Industrial Complex, where he got a job at The Office of Price Administration where he began with a RANK of Lieutenant Junior Grade US NAVY where he was ACTIVE DUTY until March 10, 1946 and NAVAL RESERVE after, retiring from the NAVY on 6/6/66. WTF right?

Then Tricky Dick won a US SENATE seat from CALIFORNIA in 1950, was nominated by the SENATE to be VP (1953 – 61) for DWIGHT EISENHOWER.

He ran for PRESIDENT of the U.S. in 1960 where there were charges of VOTER FRAUD in TEXAS and ILLINOIS where all of the ELECTORAL VOTES of those 2 STATES swung the election to JOHN F. KENNEDY.

After losing a run for CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR, Dick and his family traveled Europe meeting with each country’s POLITICAL LEADERS along the way, even going into East Berlin. Then the family moved to NEW YORK CITY, where Nixon became a senior partner in the leading law firm Nixon, Mudge, Rose, Guthrie & Alexander. (1963)

He won the 1968 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION and was re-elected in 1972 by the most lopsided numbers in U.S. history where George McGovern won only D.C.(3) and MA(14) as NIXON won 49 States for 520 ELECTORAL VOTES.

NIXON ended the Gold Standard Augustus 15, 1971 while also implementing Wage and Price controls.

In 1972, NIXON laid the groundwork for the CHINA PLANTATION.

Then on June 17, 1972, The watergate Scandal began, and on 8/8/1974 RICHARD NIXON’s resig-nation.

Tricky Dick died 4/22/1994. He was also a blood relative to every other PRESIDENT, closest to JIMMY CARTER and also WILLIAM HENRY “BILL” GATES.

NORTHROP GRUMMAN though headquartered out of FALLS CHURCH VIRGINIA has major operations in the TWIN CITIES (MSP), L’IKE 3M, another of the ILLEGAL campaign contributors to DICK’s 1972 election. 1972 was the last time the STATE of MINNESOTA favored a REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE in a PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

3M Market Cap 114.709B

Famous quotes from Richard Nixon that got him into hot water-gates:
“Homosexuality killed the ROMAN EMPIRE!”
“Bohemian Grove is too Faggoty for me!”

These are the “New Clan Mothers” protecting the HIERARCHY of POWER!

BTW, a BOEING 767-200ER (MTOW – 395,000 pounds) is not an aluminum can.

FLIGHT 11, which allegedly hit 1 WTC (North Tower), is said to have been traveling at 466 MPH upon impact according to Wikipedia!

I am not trying to play Devel’s Advocate here. The Official Story is most definitely far from the truth. The televised impact of 2 WTC South Tower may have been CGI. I am only pointing out some simple laws of physics.

A shot from a Daisy BB gun will bounce off a brick, but a bigger caliber weapon with a bullet point and much more energy behind it, can go through the brick.
From this sausage link we get this:

[The government’s calculations put the speed of the first plane (FLIGHT 11) at 494 mph, and the second (FLIGHT 175) at 586 mph. The MIT analysis determined the first plane was traveling 429 mph, and the second 537 mph, The Times said.]

(494-429 = 65)
(586-537 = 49)
(494+586 = 1080)
(429+537 = 966)

[The south tower was hit between the 78th and 84th floors, while the north tower was struck between the 94th and 99th floors, meaning more weight bore down on the damaged floors in the south tower, The Times said.

The effort to better understand the events of the day isn’t being made easier by the fact that the voice and data recorders aboard the two hijacked jetliners that hit the twin towers haven’t been recovered.

The four devices – and all the clues they would hold – have failed to turn up in the 1.25 million tons of steel, concrete and other material taken from ground zero.

“It’s extremely rare that we don’t get the recorders back. I can’t recall another domestic case in which we did not recover the recorders,” said Ted Lopatkiewicz, spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board.

FBI investigators would be particularly interested in the voice recorders, containing the cockpit noise after American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 left Boston’s Logan International Airport.

Engineers studying how the towers collapsed could also draw crucial information from the data recorders, which show the plane’s speed and altitude.

The size of a shoe box and painted bright orange, the recorders are built to withstand fire, water and blunt-force impact, and are located in the tail for maximum protection.

But the attacks were an unprecedented survival test for the misnamed “black boxes.” The two wide-bodied jets, carrying a total of 157 people including 10 hijackers, were mostly destroyed by the fires and collapsing towers.]

What? Yeah Okay!

The Ho Chi Minh Trail

By: Wang Dong Asphalt

Also posted at POM:

With the World-Wide Weather Control System hitting on all cylinders, it is now time to assume that The Great Dust Bowl (and China Flooding) of the 1930’s was also planned and executed by the same organization(s).

For those who still do not believe Weather Control is a real thing, consider what the U.S. MILITARY did to the Ho Chi Minh Trail during the Viet-name War, you know, where the ALL CAP NAME was DRAFTED into Service!

(VIET = 56 = SHIT) and (AST NAME = 55 = ANUS)

Recently read an article about the flooding in China and in that article it mentioned the highest death toll in China from a flood was 1931, the first year of the Dust Bowl In North America.

Just as with our time here and now, some areas are experiencing extreme drought while others torrential rains, just like the 1930’s.

For those who may not know, Mother Nature (for lack of better terminology) isn’t really into “extremes” but generally speaking, seeks to find a balance or return a balance to an unbalanced situation.

My Grandfather once told me a story about a tornado that hit during the Great Depression/Dust Bowl years that left all of the cows standing dead in the pasture where the wind had swept up hay and shot the hay like missiles into the cows.

My point here is that speed increases penetrating capability and with enough speed, it is possible for a 747 to penetrate a steel structure building to some degree or another. Not saying that is what happened and the planes and jet fuel (kerosene) most certainly did not bring down any buildings. I did take physics in HS and College though in everyday life have little use for those formulas/equations.

Of Dogs and Kings an’ other things

By: Wang Dong Asphalt

Julius 12, 2021

Also posted at POM

Baja Az,

Speaking(typing actually) of “dogs”! Based on a recent incident that I witnessed and another relayed to me by a close friend, I am starting to think that dogs can sense the “vax” in people and do not like it, even violently oppose them (the vaxed). Has anyone else witnessed such a thing? Funny how dogs are intelligent enough to know not to trust a stranger, yet humans with all of that “potential” believe and act on shit they see and hear from the TV, monitor, smartphone, radio, banner ad, billboard, etc. Amazing!

For any who have access to streaming services, go check Netflix for the 44th and final episode of “The 4400” which ended 9/16/2007. The very first episode aired on 7/11/2004. BTW, 44 is code for “kill” witches why DIRTY HARRY carried a long barrel 44 magnum on the mean streets of SAN FRANCISCO, you know, the stompin’ grounds of KAMALA “DIRTY” HARRIS?

Now for those who do not/will not follow my blog and may have doubts about military grade cryptography, the word “smart” as in “smartphone” is also CODE-4 “44” and our old baseball legend Hank Aaron who they did “kill” with the vax, wore #44.

On Monday July 12, 2021, all PLAYERS and COACHES at the ALL-STAR GAME workouts, wore #44 to “honor HANK AARON”? Got NEWS for ya’ll, that #44 aint got nuttin to do with Hammerin Hank and everything to do with “KILL”. The ALL-STAR festivities are held this year at COORS FIELD in DENVER, you know, where nearly everyone flies into DENVER INTER-NATIONAL home of the “kill em all” murals? Notice the gas mask on the jack boot thug with the gun?

Now Hank Aaron died on January 22, 2021 just “12” days before his 87th birthday and was it the “12th’ of July wear MLB had everyone wearing #44? Now since Hank died before his birthday, they would say he was “86” and “86” is code-4 DEAD, a reference to a grave that is 8 feet long and 6 feet deep and well 3 feet wide for a standard cubic footage grave of 144 cubic feet, oops, there’s that number again!

HANK AARON hit his last HR #755 on July 20, 1976 off of ANGELS pitcher DICK DRAGO (initials “DD”) and “D” is the 4th letter of the alphabet so DD = 44. Of course “Hank” was really “Henry Louis” and “Dick” was really “Richard Anthony” all popular names for “Kings”. Now for those who do not see the name ANTHONY as a KING NAME here is a list of mostly small Kings but Kings nonetheless.

For some reason, this decidedly ROMAN CATHOLIC NAME list left out MARCUS ANTONIUS usually referred to as MARC ANTONY and that F%^$KING TONY EVERS!

BTW, the ALL CAPS letters on the professional sports personnel JERSEYS, signifies “IN PERSONA” i.e. ACTING AS A CORPORATE FICTION. One might say “In the MATRIX”.

Now when BARRY BONDS hit his 756th HR in SAN FRANCISCO to break the 31-year-old record set by #44, HANK AARON, the game was tied and the score was 4-4 and also BARRY BONDS had hit his very first HR at FULTON COUNTY STADIUM in ATLANTA on JUNE 4, 1986 (You know, where HANK played most of his career!) and JUNE is the 4th month in the JULIAN CALENDAR so that HR was hit on 4/4 and there are the 19 HIJACKERS and another 86!

Now just fore fun, we dive into the dirty harry depends the oft used name HENRY for HOMERUN KINGS and other KING COUNTY KINGS like WILLIAM HENRY GATES! H is of course the 8th letter of the alphabet and the most famous historical “HENRY was/is HENRY the 8th. Hell, they even wrote a song about him who’s in Heaven or was or was He? Is He?

Now once again I will point out the coded “8” on every H’EL-PAD where the Helicoptor lands at the Hospital that does Healthcare and where the majority of Humans go to Heaven after going through Hell with bedsores on their Hams and arthritis in their Hands because life is Hard.

Now with all written words lately about “graphene”, it is worth noting that there is another foregotten word “grapheme” (single letter in a writing system) and pencil lead is made of graphite and every crisis needs “charts” and “graphs” to explain the plunder of yore assets. BTW “Char” means “blackened” but also means “King” and is sometimes spelled “Shar” or “Sar” as in “SARS” (KINGS).

The English name “Charles” is derived (flipped) from the French wordage “Les Char” witch means “The King”. “Charlemagne” means “The Great King” though now, most sources will try to convince you that it meant “Charles the Great” (FucKing Lies!)

More proof from the old Akkadian common tongue that the word “Sar” means King is that the first King of Akkad was “Sargon” and even the modern Hebrew name “Sarah” means “Princess”, i.e. Daughter of the King”, so don’t none a ya go a gettin’ Sarcastic wit me about why the “Shark” aint the King of the Ocean just cause Wiki says it’s the Salmon-ella!



It seems old Wang Dong is in the do’g house over at POM again so I post the “awaiting moderation” comment here.

UPDATE: just checked over at POM and this post was simply deleted by KMART OT ARS-KI. Not the first time he has done such deletions though occasionally he sends a scolding message. You HOLY SEE, MARK was raised CATHOLIC and his brother is/was a PRIEST so it ruffles the feathers of the 13TH LEGION’S EAGLE over at POM if ya post anything negative about the HOMOHIERARCHY. I didn’t get into the truth/bowel movement to make friends or be politically correct or to not offend shallow thinkers. Remember how ANDY DUFRESNE had to crawl through the BOWELS of the SHAWSHANK PRISON to realize his truth? The truth is a dirty fucking place and not for the squeamish. I try to watch my language when talking to children but in a blog frequented by people who believe themselves to be adults on the cutting edge of the truth, I will still hold back because POM has shit tons of rules about what ya Cain’t type and subjects ya can’t touch, which prevents the hole truth from ever being revealed there. So hear de RULE #1! Without CRYPTOGRAPHY, NUMEROLOGY, ETYMOLOGY, WORD DEFINITIONS and SUM UNCOMMON SCENTS , you are wasting your time and the time of the readers hoo may b-ow’l sea-king the truth! So here is the POM post that was deleted, though I have added sum more shit to think about!

The ACTOR who played the role of ME-DIC-AL(S)EX-AM-IN-(H)ER, H. WAYNE CARVER in the SANDY HOAX died suddenly just before the SARS(KINGS)CO-V2 HOAX butt was miraculously RES-ERECTED to play the role of dick HEAD of the CDC ( ROBERT REDFIELD.

Of course, too many thinkers recognized that fishy bassturd so he was replaced.

BTW, what THEY call a “virus” is nothing morte than a toxic “solvent”.

(VIRUS = 22+9+18+21+19 = 89 = 17 = 8 = H)

(SOLVENT = 19+15+12+22+5+14+2 = 89 = 17 = 8 = H)

So here follows a link to a picture of a “HELPAD”


You will very often find a circle (church) with the number “8” encoded into it like the 8 markers evenly placed on this one!

Now there is a numerological connection between the words “virus” and “solvent” butt that type of anal-y-sis is not allowed here (at POM BUTT HOLY SEE ABOVE CRYPTOGRAPHY LESSON), though it leads back to the letter “H” as in H WAYNE CARVER, HOSPITAL, HEALTHCARE, HELICOPTER, HARM, HOAX and of course, HOMOSEXUAL (HOLY SEE SAUSAGE LINK BELOW). But there is another word too. Haima (Greek) meaning “blood” which is the origin of “Haemo” as in “Haemophilia” also “Hemophilia”.

In the below video clip of JOE ROGAN, go to about 1:16 where he says this:

“For a gay guy it’s gotta be a bittersweet thing to know that the gay wizards control everything… do with the CATHOLIC CHURCH!” Nice save Joe! Dang near (toi)let the scat outta the baggie! BTW, CATHOLICS = SCAT HOLe LICk.